Penn Valley, PA

Penn Valley is one of the most Historic places in all of Pennsylvania. It houses the Penn Valley Women’s Club, which was built in 1826-1828 where it served as a one-room weekday school and a place for Sunday religious gatherings. The original club was replaced with a new building, in 1876. However, that building was torn down, around 1926, but its remains can still be as of today. The original Penn Valley Women’s Club is still visible and now houses The Penn Valley Civic Association. It was given repairs in the year, 2016. [2] Another historic building was located on 200 Fairview Road as a small frame house with a Queen Porch built for the Centennial. Even though the house had Class 2 Historical status the township’s Historical Committee reached a compromise allowing the house to be demolished after realizing fire damage from a basement fire would cost an extensive amount to fix. The original house was demolished in August 2013 and a new house was completed in late 2014. [3]

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